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 thread  Author  Topic: Number of Admins/Gmod/Mods in users online box  (Read 3264 times)
I've always wanted one of these wink
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xx Number of Admins/Gmod/Mods in users online box
« Thread started on: Dec 16th, 2003, 4:11pm »

This code requires 2 seperate pieces of code...

I've seperated them out, so the first one (with a little tweak, gives coloured usernames etc...) assigns users a class... such as
  • adminuser for admins..
  • gmoduser for gmods..
  • moduser for moderators..
( This is the actual script that we use here to give coloured usernames ).

So this goes into all footers..:- Code:
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
// add classnames to staff

function doitnow(user,classuser) {
for(var a=0;a<document.links.length;a++)
if(document.links[a].href.indexOf('viewprofile&username='+user) != -1 )

// -->

I've left in the usernames, so you can see who to add/remove more...

Then in just the main footer, after the code above:- Code:
<script language="javascript" type="text/Javascript">
Show staff online
Dave -

var usercell = document.getElementById('info_center').getElementsByTagName('FONT')[7];
var adon="", gmon="", mon="", uon="", swuser="", uclass="", utype="";
var onuser = usercell.getElementsByTagName('A')

function adduser(type,userlink,userclass,profuser){
utype= (type!="") ? ", " : "";
uclass = (userclass != "") ? ' class="'+userclass+'"' : '';
return utype+'<a href="index.cgi?action=viewprofile&username='+profuser+'"'+uclass+'>'+userlink.innerHTML+'</a>';

var usertype = document.getElementById('info_center').getElementsByTagName('FONT')[7].innerHTML.split(/<br>/i)[0].split(/,/)[0]
if(usertype.match(/^1 guest/i))
usertype = "1 Guest";

for(on=0; on<onuser.length; on++){
swuser = RegExp.$1;
switch (onuser[on].className){
case "adminuser":
adon += adduser(adon,onuser[on],"adminuser",swuser); break;
case "gmoduser":
gmon += adduser(gmon,onuser[on],"gmoduser",swuser); break;
case "moduser":
mon += adduser(mon,onuser[on],"moduser",swuser); break;
uon += adduser(uon,onuser[on],"",swuser); break;

if(adon!="")adon="Administrators: "+adon
if(gmon!="")gmon="<br />Global Moderators: "+gmon
if(mon!="")mon="<br />Moderators: "+mon
if(uon!="")uon="<br />Members: "+uon
usercell.innerHTML=adon+gmon+mon+uon+"<br />"+usertype;

// -->

You don't need to modify this second code in any way... it uses information from the first code...

Let me know how you get on....

As of the recent update, there is no need to specify classnames for admin and global moderators..
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Have you read the FAQ or checked the Hacks board before posting?
Then please do so...
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