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 thread  Author  Topic: Good morning / afternoon script (updates)  (Read 5937 times)
I've always wanted one of these wink
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xx Good morning / afternoon script (updates)
« Thread started on: Feb 5th, 2004, 3:06pm »

Posted by Jaws...

I posted this script once before, but it wasn't really that great, especially since it was my first :P

And since we got a hacks board, i will be posting alot of my codes, (unless told to stop lol :P)

Anyway, down to business. This code replaces "Hey user" with "Good morning user" or "Good afternoon user"

<script language="javascript">
Written by Willie Wilson
Add Good Morning/good afternoon to welcome box
Use freely but PLEASE do not post in other locations

var td = document.getElementsByTagName("TD")[2].innerHTML

var x = new Date()
var hour = x.getHours()

var I = document.getElementsByTagName("TD")[2].innerText.split(/\W\s/i)

if(hour < 12)
var txt="morning"
var txt="afternoon"

if(I[1]=="Please Login or Register")
document.getElementsByTagName("TD")[2].innerHTML=td.replace("Welcome", "Good "+txt)
document.getElementsByTagName("TD")[2].innerHTML=td.replace("Hey", "Good "+txt)



Hope you guys enjoy it :)

-willie (jaws)

Modified> This code will on work correctly for users using Internet Explorer ( or browsers set to mimic IE).

Edit by garet - If you'd like to see a preview of this code click here
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Have you read the FAQ or checked the Hacks board before posting?
Then please do so...
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