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 thread  Author  Topic: PM Bar  (Read 4939 times)
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xx PM Bar
« Thread started on: Mar 28th, 2005, 6:59pm »

This code creates a bar underneath the menu bar. This bar will tell you your personal message status.

To see a preview of this code's effects Click Here

//Oni PM Bar v1.0
//Code Created By HimuraX
TD = document.getElementsByTagName('TD')
TB = document.getElementsByTagName('Table')[0].insertRow(2)
InCell = TB.insertCell(-1)

if(TD[2].innerHTML.match(/Hey, (.+?), you /i)){
CurName = RegExp.$1
if(TD[2].innerHTML.match(/0 are new/i)){
InCell.innerHTML+="["+CurName+"] - [<a href='index.cgi?action=im'>No New Messages</a>]"
}else if(TD[2].innerHTML.match(/1 is new/i)){
InCell.innerHTML+="["+CurName+"] - [<a href='index.cgi?action=im'><font color=red>1 New Message</font></a>]"
}else if(TD[2].innerHTML.match(/Guest/i)){
InCell.innerHTML+="[Guest] - [<a href='index.cgi?action=login'>Login</a>] [<a href='index.cgi?action=register'>Register</a>]"
InCell.innerHTML+="["+CurName+"] - [<a href='index.cgi?action=im'><font color=red>You Have New Messages</font></a>]"

Submitted by Himura

Edit by Garet - Take out whats in red if you dont want the pm bar text to change to that color when you've recieved a new message. You can also modify whats in blue with a different hex color code so when you get a new message it will highlight that color.
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