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Pm image
Post by Garet on Aug 19th, 2006, 03:31am

With this code you will be able to have a different pm bar. It creates a bar (right after the nav bar), which holds an image, when you get a new pm, the image will change, when you have no new pm's the image will change once again.
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Code submitted by zando

<script type="text/javascript">

var pmyes="NEW PM IMG URL";
var pmno="NO NEW PM IMG URL";
var nonew=document.getElementsByTagName("table")[0]
if (nonew.outerHTML.indexOf("Guest") == -1) {
var table=document.getElementsByTagName("table")
if(table[z].width=="92%" && table[z].className.match(/bordercolor/) && table[z].align=="center"){
var foot=table[z].insertRow(2).insertCell(0)
if (nonew.outerHTML.indexOf("0 are new") != -1) {
foot.innerHTML="<a href='/index.cgi?action=im'><img src='"+pmno+"' border='0'></a>";
foot.innerHTML="<a href='/index.cgi?action=im'><img src='"+pmyes+"' border='0'></a>";