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 thread  Author  Topic: Hidden Categories, and Password Protection..  (Read 5811 times)
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xx Hidden Categories, and Password Protection..
« Thread started on: May 26th, 2003, 11:01pm »

Hidden Categories:

Hidden Categories are categories with boards that only people that have acces to go there can.

How Do you you do this?

  • Go into edit member groups in your admin control panel.
    In the additional member groups section, crate a new member group, like 'member'
  • Assign that member group to your members, do this by going into there profile and clicking on modify. Scroll down to where it says position, and in the drop down menu next to it, select the new member group and then save the changes to the profile
  • Go into edit categories and for all the categories you want hidden, in the access only member groups field, highlight the group and then click modify

You now have a hidden forum, that only you and the member group can see

You will need to keep assigning that member group to all the members that signup if you are using so your board is only visable by members. You will need to assign the name to each member you wish to have access to the category, if you wish to have it so only select members can view it.

Passworded boards:

When you create a board it gives you an option for a password.

When anyone enters the password for the first time it will not ask them again, this is because it is stored in their cookie.

now if you delete your cookies it will then ask you for the password again.
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