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Image replacement
Post by Dave on Jun 23rd, 2003, 3:22pm

Shorter, and hopefully, easier code to follow.

<script language="JavaScript">

var menu_imgs = new Array();
menu_imgs[0] = "off.gif";
menu_imgs[1] = "on.gif";

var my_imgs = new Array();
my_imgs[0] = "URL of Old Posts";
my_imgs[1] = "URL of New Posts";

for(k=0; k<document.images.length; k++){
for(j=0; j<menu_imgs.length; j++){
if(document.images[k].src.indexOf("/boardimages/") != -1 && document.images[k].src.indexOf("/"+menu_imgs[j]) != -1){


Once again, this code goes in your footers.

All you need to do, is insert the name of the image you wish to replace where indicated in red, and the full URL of the corresponding replacement image where shown in blue.

This script will work on any image server we use, so there will never be any need to update it. (except if we decide to change the image names ;) )

Any queries, then please post on the support board.
Re: Image replacement
Post by Dave on Nov 14th, 2004, 05:49am

Please note: As of the latest update, the image replacement code is no longer required.

If you want to change the default board images, then go into your admin area, then click on "Customise board images".

Select the image you wish to replace by placing the replacement images URL in the box next to image.

Any queries regarding this feature, please post on the support board.