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I haven't recieved my password...
Post by Jason on May 26th, 2003, 5:29pm

I haven't recieved my Password yet!

I can't access my forum!

Some mail systems, such as Hotmail, and Yahoo, use a junk mail filter.

Before posting that you haven't recieved this yet, Please make sure that you have checked all the folders in your e-mail account.

Make sure that you are checking the same e-mail that you used to register an account.

Also You must register at every board you attend, because your registered name and password does not stay with you from one board to the next.

Now if you are trying to access your board.

Make Sure that you are logging in as admin (all lower case words) as it is case sensitive.

and you are using the password that is sent to you.

Re: I haven't recieved my password...
Post by Dave on Sep 6th, 2004, 11:34am

With the ongoing changes to e-mail accounts, a lot now come with spam/jumk filters.

If you are having problems recieveing your password, make sure that ALL spam/junk filters have been turned off.

Then try using the password reminder feature found on the login screen for your message board...