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I can't stay logged in
Post by Dave on Nov 13th, 2004, 2:05pm

This can happen for several reasons.

The first is that your web browser cookie settings is too high. You need to set it to allow third part cookies.

In Internet Explorer (V6):

I'll post back about other browser cookie settings after I've looked up how to adjust them grin

EDIT: Check out other browsers using this link -

Another possible reason for getting logged out is that you have used the new "quick login" (found on the main page). This will only keep you logged in for up to 6 hours or whenever you close the browser window - whichever is the longest.

I would advise using the main login found on the login page.

Also, if you wish to remain logged in, don't forget to check the "always remain logged in" box.

If none of these help you with your login problems, then please start your own thread over on the support board.

Thank you.