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 thread  Author  Topic: Non-English Message Boards and TOS Content  (Read 26296 times)
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xx Non-English Message Boards and TOS Content
« Thread started on: Feb 29th, 2004, 11:01am »

Ok gang we all new this was coming so it shouldn't be a shock to anyone, but Non-English message boards will no longer be accepted here on

We have been lenient in the past as we grew, but we are trying to head Conforums into the future so with that being said we will be deleteing all message boards that have foreign content on them.

TOS Violations.

Roger has also been very relaxed when it came to TOS violations in the past. This will no longer be the case. If it's a minor offense we might give you a warning, however we are not obligated to do so. So if your board is in violation of the TOS then consider it that your board will be deleted.

The staff here at wants this message board community to move forward so we feel by doing this, and toughening our rules and values we will prevail as a family oriented mesage board community.

Thanks you all so much for choosing as your message board host.

The Staff.
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xx Re: Non-English Message Boards and TOS Content
« Reply #1 on: Feb 29th, 2004, 5:18pm »

I am sorry to have taken this action. I know in the past I have been fairly lenient on this subject but I have several reasons why I must.

1. Conforums has a new company that is displaying advertisement on Conforums and the content they only allow is English. Advertisers would be losing money too if they were advertising to a Non-English audience. For obvious reasons the audience would not understand the ads being displayed.

2. There is no way for Conforums staff to monitor foreign message boards. Conforums is a company established in US and has English speaking/reading Administrators. Keep in mind that Conforums is a Free Service and there is no way to theoretically hire people who can read and moderate all possible foreign boards. In order to keep this service free I must have companies to advertise on Conforums because server costs are expensive and as Conforums gets larger, upkeep for Conforums servers becomes more expensive.

3. It is in the TOS that everyone who has a message board agreed to. Section 3 Line C: "User's message board and Web site must be in English." This statement has been in the Conforums Terms of Service ever since Conforums was founded.

I want to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR there is no political, social or emotional bias towards people who speak any other language other than English. This is an action taken by complete obligation.

Even the service such as They too take measures towards foreign boards. They have similar policies where their Advertiser also only allows English content.

All foreign boards are welcome to change their content to English and I can bring it back as long as it says in English content.

I am sincerely sorry that foreign boards are not allowed. But until Conforums comes up with new ways to maintain message boards of different nature, this is the way it will have to be.

I hope this shines some clarity on our situation.

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