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 stickylock  Author  Topic: Rating Rules  (Read 2925 times)
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xx Rating Rules
« Thread started on: May 5th, 2006, 8:23pm »

These are a few things to remember when


These new rules are effective as of May 5, 2006.

1. When rating please rate sensibly

  • Don't just give a '9/10' sort of post or a simple your forum hurts my eyes. Back up your ratings with ideas and suggestions, and compliment on what you liked about the board.

  • Please donít rate in an abusive manner if you canít find a nice way of telling them. Then you shouldnít post at all.

  • Remember donít post links to other graphic forums that would be unfair advertising. Please just direct them to the Graphic board if they need help with their Graphic designing, Coding Board if they need help with an invalid code, or Hacks section if you are recommending a code that they should apply.

  • Its not about the quantity of rates its about the quality.

  • Remember please stay on topic. Don't hijack another member's post.

2. When suggesting a code for another's forum please remember:

  • Posting of codes that contains lines that their "code shouldn't be posted anywhere" is against the Rules. Though your intentions may be good and you might not be claiming the code as your own. The creator has a right that their codes shouldn't be posted anywhere.

  • Instead give them a link to where the code is posted on the creator's website.

3. When posting for a rating please remember the following:

  • Patience is the KEY! You may not get rates right away, Because people may be away or busy.

  • If you get a bad rating donít take it personally. Remember you posted for the rating. This is also a good way to improve your forum and gain new members getting input from others in the conforums community.

  • Remember a good forum isnt just going to happen overnight it takes time to gain new members

  • Remember if you want your forum rated don't post in someone else's post that would be considered unfair advertising, instead create your own post.

  • Remember topics are only allowed a bump every 24 hours.

  • When creating a thread please specify if you are looking for a rate for your conforums board or just advertising.

  • Remember that if your forum is deleted by either you or a TOS violation then your post in the show & tell section will be locked.

4. It's a good idea not to offer staff positions as a way of getting others to join your forum this is how most of the forums get cracked and ruined these days. Good staff are hired through trust from yourself, not to mention their knowledge with coding, graphix, etc depending on the subject of your forum.

5. We are always open to suggestion improvements please leave all suggestions in the conforums suggestions board.

6. If your board forces people to login in in order to see the rest of the board your thread will be locked. To get a rating people shouldn't be forced to register. If you wish to keep your forum off limits to guests then you shouldn't post for a rating in here.

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