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xx The Unbroken Bond
« Thread started on: Nov 25th, 2011, 1:29pm »

The Vampire and Werewolves story is one that has started before time itself. No one is sure what began the war, but all that matter was the blood spilled between them as the number of dead raised. When a Vampire was killed by a Werewolf, the Vampires wanted retribution and vice verse. As the war escalated, it all became a blur of attacks met with attacks, one side seeking to eradicate the other. There seemed to be no end to in sight and peace was only a fools dream. At least until the Werewolf Queen decided that enough was enough.

The King of the Vampire race, had seen what it was like for his people and for the Werewolf clan. And now they had a threat that threatened them both. Humans. There war must come to an end, or both races would be doomed. So he devised to form a truce, that worked in what he thought would be everyone’s favor. The Werewolves were the ones that were getting pounded by not only the Vampires, but the Humans as well. Everyone was tired of war and the Werewolf Queen, met with Vampie King out of desperation to keep her people from becoming extinct.

Thus, the Guardian Pact was made. The Werewolves exchange for freedom, lands for their homes, plentiful hunting ground, and protection from their enemies would give up selected pups (by Vampires who saw potential in them) would become known as Guardians who would protect and serve the Vampires that purchased them. It would be seen as a great honor, as they would be the ones making sure that their kin would live in peace.

A hundred years has gone by since this pact was made, and pups are still chosen at the tender age of seven to be schooled by Vampires and Werewolves alike to fulfill the destiny that they had been chosen for. Some are just guards for their prospective masters and others are taught not only to protect, but other things like music, cleaning, gardening and even pleasure.

But something unforeseen has come around. A small group of free werewolves have created a Rebellion. Werewolves who join believe that this Guardian thing is just another form of slavery, that the Vampires had put on their race.

So where do you belong? Are you a Vampire Master? A Werewolf Guardian? Or a rebel?
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